Nevada Joint Union High School District seeks community input for supes search |
Jennifer Terman
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Nevada Joint Union High School District seeks community input for supes search

The Nevada Joint Union High School District is seeking community input on the hiring of a new superintendent in the wake of Marianne Cartan's dismissal in late March.

The board developed an online survey for staff input from April 19 to May 3 and will host community input meetings 5:30 p.m. May 6 at Bear River in room C-202 and 5:30 p.m. May 7 at Nevada Union in Room E-16.

The board is working with the county superintendent's office to save money and utilize the office's previous experience conducting a superintendent search and recommended a public input period.

"The community likes to have input, and we've always asked for that when it comes to our searches," said Katy Schwarz, board president. "It's helpful to have that from students, parents, staff members. It's their high school."

Among the qualifications the board seeks in a new superintendent is someone who will take the district to the next level and have administrative experience, Schwarz said.

"We want them to have administrative credentials, a secondary teaching credential, and experience with high school administration would be nice," Schwarz said.

"Our staff is feeling this person should have an educational background in the classroom," she said, adding, "We might be looking at that more conscientiously this time."

Some staff members believe in order to manage a group of people, you need to know what their job is like, which makes teaching experience important in a superintendent.

"My thoughts are that it is absolutely essential that the superintendant had been a schoolroom teacher and has classroom experience," said Chris Christensen, who served as district theater manager for 12 years. "When you're trying to manage people like that and don't know what they are going through every day, you tend to make (wrong) choices you believe are correct and that fit that person's concept."

Schwarz maintained that the desire for public input is not related to the board's refusal to provide details of Cartan's release to the public.

"That's totally a personnel issue," Schwarz said. "We don't disclose that kind of information to protect the staff member, as well as the board. It doesn't have anything to do with the hiring of a new superintendent."

According to the website, input gathered will be considered by the board in the interview and selection process to assist in the candidate selection process.

From May 3 to May 31, the position will be posted on Edjoin; on May 8, the public input results will be shared with the board.

The board will conduct a paper screening and initial reference check from June 3 to 10, and on June 12, the candidates will be finalized for interviews during closed session.

Interviews will be conducted June 18-19, and the final reference check will take place June 26.

The board hopes to have the position filled for the next school year by July 1 but is prepared to wait if a quality candidate is not found by then, Schwarz said.

"If for some reason we don't get the quality candidate we like, we will slow down the process and move on from there," she said. "We're not going to rush it. If we can't get the right person with this, we will continue our search."

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