Nevada County roads maintenance activities for week |

Nevada County roads maintenance activities for week

The Union staff

​The Nevada County Roads Maintenance Division is responsible for the condition and safety of the county's roads. While there are many factors which can affect the condition of the county's roads, one of the biggest is the affect of roadside drainage.

In addition to eroding the roadway shoulders, roadside drainage can seep into cracks in the road, weakening the roadway base, resulting in potholes or other settlement.

Over the next week, county crews will be working countywide to clear culverts and drainage ditches. This will ensure that the roads remain passable during winter storms, as well as improving the pavement condition over the longer term.

If residents note a blocked culvert or ditch, they can call the Public Works Department at 530-265-1411, or report a problem at

In addition to countywide drainage activities, crews will also be working on Newtown Road, clearing brush for visibility and grading roadway shoulders.

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