Nevada County Democrats announce endorsement of Measure S |

Nevada County Democrats announce endorsement of Measure S

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The Nevada County Democrats voted on Thursday to endorse Measure S, the Medical Marijuana ordinance on the Nevada County ballot in November 2014, according to a news release from Democratic Central Committee Chair Jim Firth.

The Nevada County Democratic Central Committee heard a one-hour presentation from Measure S proponent Patricia Smith that included discussion of its features and time for questions and answers, the release states.

The Committee then deliberated for another half hour to make sure members "fully understood the positive benefits not only to patients, but also to our community as a whole."

"The Committee feels Measure S is the sensible solution to providing medicine to patients suffering from a variety of chronic conditions like, seizures, cancer, arthritis, glaucoma, or multiple sclerosis," Firth stated in the release.

"Medical Marijuana can sometimes provide relief to patients who are not relieved by conventional medicines.

The current ordinance passed by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors in May 2012 without thorough review or adequate input from the community resulted in a countywide petition drive to place the item before the voters.

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The petition garnered over 11,000 valid signatures, but was delayed until the November 2014 election.

According to the release, Measure S provides strict limitations on the number of plants grown outdoors in rural zones; forbids outdoor growing on residential lots of less than 2 acres; adheres to the State of California setback standards; and reverses "non-sensical restrictions like not growing plants on hillsides."

"The criticism that Measure S lacks enforcement provisions is groundless," the release states.

"Measure S intentionally and appropriately leaves enforcement to county officials. Furthermore, there are adequate laws in place to address the illegal activities of drug peddlers, or those who cause environmental damage, such as illegally diverting water or allowing toxins to pollute our streams and rivers.

"We encourage all thinking voters to read the language of the ordinance. It can be found at the Americans for Safe Access web site We urge voters not to be misled by false statements and hyperbole. The "negative impacts" have been mitigated while allowing for responsible cultivation of medical marijuana."

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