Nevada City Kendall House B&B unlikely to reopen |

Nevada City Kendall House B&B unlikely to reopen

Dave Brooksher
Staff Writer

After a month of waiting, the new owners of the Kendall House are going to get their answer from the city about resuming the property's use as a bed and breakfast.

Molly Poe and Decklan Hickey, of San Francisco, say they purchased it as an income-generating property — but they intend to use it as a vacation home for friends and family if the city denies their request.

At the conclusion of a lengthy hearing in April, the Nevada City Planning Commission asked city staff to come back with more findings. Those have since been compiled in a report from city planner Cindy Siegfried, which is available on Nevada City's website.

The current draft motion being presented to the commissioners says, "To deny the request to recommence operation of a bed and breakfast facility …"

The report cites a 10-year period after the property was sold to Jeff Corbett in 2004 when it was not used as a bed and breakfast. Under Nevada City's complex patchwork of regulations governing bed and breakfasts within city limits, commercial use can only be discontinued for a maximum of one year before the city terminates the right to operate.

It has also been more than a decade since the Kendall House last paid Transit Occupancy Taxes (TOT) in 2001.

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Proponents of reopening the Kendall House say that the establishment's business license was kept in effect at the nominal cost of $100 per year, and that the owners continued to pay commercial sewer rates to the city — but those points of evidence were found to be insufficient.

City staff has drafted a motion denying the request to recommence bed and breakfast operations at Kendall House, and that is likely to be the outcome of tomorrow's meeting of the Nevada City Planning Commission at 1:30 p.m.

Other items on the agenda include several architectural reviews and a sign application from a business on Main Street.

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