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Microchipping is worth it

OK, I have finally decided. I have been ambivalent about microchipping dogs for a while (foreign object under the skin, and all that) and yet I know we locate lost dogs and reunite them with their family because of these ID chips often enough that I have continued doing it.

Recently, we got a call from New York City. Apparently a dog we had adopted out to a Sacramento family had moved with the dog to New York and neglected to re-register their new address. This dog could well have ended up in a high-kill shelter if the people who found the dog had not contacted us to find out who owned the dog. Scooter’s Pals keeps up with who adopts our dogs and were able to reunite the dog with the family … all the way to New York!

So Scooter’s Pals is going to continue to microchip dogs and wanted to share this happy ending with your readers.

And to remind all of you: Providing a foster home for a dog literally saves a life, and if you are willing to open your home and heart to a dog, we provide the food and the vet care. We usually find a suitable home for our dogs in a few weeks, so please call us if you are interested. Our fosters and our volunteers are doggie angels. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Susan Wallace

Scooter’s Pals