Marriage licenses: May 9, 2011 |

Marriage licenses: May 9, 2011

April 20

Newman and Tanski: Nancy Mills Newman and Francis Richard Tanski

Nunnink and Fernandez: Charisse McKenzie Nunnink and Ian Lawrence Fernandez

Renard and Cardosi: Jeffrey Robert Renard and Kristine Renee Cardosi

April 22

Urbanec and Hofen: Deborah Frances Urbanec and Guenther Herman Hofen

Recommended Stories For You

Stancu and Porath: Mihaela Stancu and Shai Ish Porath

Boero and Rodgers: Frances Marie Boero and Matthew Wayne Rodgers

Parker and McGregor: Edward William Parker and Aubrey Lynn McGregor

April 25

Voors and Johnson: Kathryn Leigh Voors and Scott Robert Johnson

April 28

Cerruti and Jungwirth: Jessica Corie Cerruti and Levi James Jungwirth

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