Marijuana grower gets 90 days in Nevada County jail |

Marijuana grower gets 90 days in Nevada County jail

A man arrested last October after authorities allegedly uncovered a commercial pot-growing operation was sentenced in court Monday to 90 days in county jail and three years probation.

Mateo Meadowcroft, 24, was arrested after Nevada County Sheriff's deputies conducting a compliance check for the county's medical marijuana cultivation ordinance allegedly uncovered a "substantial" commercial operation on Dog Bar Road.

The deputies were following up on a complaint and found a large trimming operation clearly visible inside a garage with its doors standing open. After obtaining a search warrant, deputies found 37 marijuana plants in the ground. Inside the garage were a number of cut marijuana stems hanging from coat hangers. Deputies recovered six large totes worth of unprocessed cola on the stem with an estimated weight of 20 pounds per tote, 8 pounds of processed cola in the house and more cola recovered from the garage that had been placed in six large paper bags. They also discovered approximately $25,000 in cash, five pounds of hash, a shotgun and ammunition at the residence. There allegedly was only one recommendation for medical marijuana at the residence.

Meadowcroft pleaded no contest to criminal conspiracy in return for no more than 150 days in jail; the probation department recommended 90 days.

Meadowcroft's attorney, Stephen Munkelt, requested home detention, arguing that would restrain his travel and activities in a "very significant way," more than 45 days in jail would. Munkelt noted his client was growing with a 99-plant recommendation and for his brother, who was opening a dispensary in San Diego and that he believed he was growing legally.

Nevada County Superior Court Judge Tom Anderson sentenced Meadowcroft to 90 days and said he could apply for alternative sentencing.

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