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Local take n’ bake invents football pizza

The Union Staff

A local Papa Murphy's franchise has invented a special pizza for Super Bowl Sunday.

"We have these heart-shaped pizzas for valentines and jack-o'-lantern-shaped pizzas for Halloween, so I figured, why not invent a pizza shaped like a football?" said franchisee Charn Kang.

He started with a large pizza crust, cut it into an oblong shape and decorated it with pepperonis and olives to make it look like a football.

"Corporate is looking at it, and it might be something that all the stores carry next year," Kang said. "It'll be big once all the stores are carrying it."

It's unclear at this time whether or not Papa Murphy's will be compensating Kang for his efforts should his football-shaped pizza go national at some point in the future. This year, local football fans can find Kang's Super Bowl Sunday pizza special for $6 at 12048 Nevada City Highway in Grass Valley. The other Papa Murphy's franchise, on McKnight Way, will not be offering football-shaped pizzas for Super Bowl Sunday – this year, at least.

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