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Local student honors father, seeks donations for scholarship

Jennifer Terman
Staff Writer

In the face of a heartbreaking situation, the only thing to do is to continue on with life as best you can, said Demi Seghezzi, who is trying to use the loss of her father as a way to help others in a similar situation.

Seghezzi will host a dinner and donation raffle to raise funds for a scholarship for students who have lost a parent or sibling and to honor the life of her father, who always made a point to give to the community.

"My dad loved catering and I wanted to do something in his honor, so I did a dinner, using the recipes he used when he was a caterer," said youngest daughter Demi Seghezzi, 18, senior at Nevada Union.

When Demi Seghezzi first told her mother, Angie, about the scholarship idea, she was overcome with emotion, she said. "It made me cry when she came up with it," said Angie Seghezzi. "She figured there weren't any scholarships for a kid who have been through something like that and I was very proud of her and it's a big undertaking, but I think we can pull it off."

Angie Seghezzi could not describe every contribution Greg made to the community, as there were too many, but she did say he was very involved in many organizations.

"He was born and raised here and always did a lot of things," Angie Seghezzi said, noting that he was involved with Lions Rotary Club, was very involved with Twin Cities ministry, who will be cooking for the donation dinner, and several different organizations in Grass Valley. "I can't even explain everything he did."

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The Seghezzi children comprise Demi, the youngest, Antonio, 26, Roman, 19 and Gianna Seghezzi-Zydonis, 24.

"They'd always help set up when they were little and help him clean up," Angie Seghezzi said. "My kids are trying to give back as much as he gave to the community."

Despite the challenge of her father's passing, Demi said she had to keep living, and hopes that the scholarship will help others continue to pursue their goals in life.

"I want someone who's lost a parent or a sibling to know to keep living your life, even when something so tragic happens," said Demi Seghezzi, who will pursue nursing at Concordia University in the fall. "You can't just stop what you're doing and you should continue to go to college and do what whoever died would want you to do and not hold back."

The silent auction and raffle will take place 6 p.m. Friday, April 5 at Calvary Bible Church at 11481 Highway 174 in Grass Valley. For information, contact Angie Seghezzi at 530-913-9079.

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