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Local business owner announces run for Nevada City Council

Dave Brooksher
Staff Writer

A local entrepreneur has announced his candidacy for the Nevada City Council on Facebook's "Nevada County Peeps" page.

Jonathan Valdman, owner of Forever Flowering Greenhouses at Happy Frog Nursery, says he's running for office to provide better representation for underserved voices in Nevada City.

"I hear when I'm around town that people are not feeling very well-represented in our city council," Valdman told The Union.

Valdman believes in buying local and wants to encourage his constituents to spend their money in this community. He's also been supportive of the controversial downtown boardwalk on Commercial Street because, he says. it creates a public space for people to enjoy their lives together.

"I am in favor of creating areas for our community to congregate. I am also in favor of designating areas for people to indulge in their medical and recreational needs that are not in the face of the general public," Valdman wrote on Facebook.

When asked about the recent removal of the boardwalk's overhead lighting, he replied that he has heard from women in the city who felt safer at night when the lighting was still in place.

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"The street was more lit up and they were able to see faces more clearly. They felt more comfortable being out by themselves," Valdman said. "I'm open to hearing more input on that."

Valdman was at the Broad Street Bistro from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday, gathering signatures from supporters. He told The Union he plans to be there again from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. today.

City staff confirmed Valdman has indeed "pulled papers" — or picked up the paperwork necessary to run for office. Other potential candidates have reportedly done the same, but their identities will not become a matter of public record until those papers are filed.

The filing deadline for Nevada City's upcoming election falls on March 7. If no candidates file by that date, the deadline will be extended to March 12. Candidates will appear on the ballot in June.

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