LGBT community celebration tonight at Smiley Guy’s Smokehouse |

LGBT community celebration tonight at Smiley Guy’s Smokehouse


In a completely impromptu gathering, the LGBT folks of Nevada County and their supporters will gather at Smiley Guys SmokeHouse at 131 Joerschke Drive in Grass Valley tonight at 6 p.m. to celebrate the Supreme Court decision to overturn Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

Smiley Guys's SmokeHouse owner Jesse Cohen welcomes the patronage and the event, though it is not an exclusive sponsor.

Food and drinks will be purchased individually.

The event was organized in a matter of minutes so that the LGBT people of Nevada County and their allies would have a place to gather.

"To live in a rural county and be a gay person and have the opportunity to celebrate is pretty neat," said Hilary Hodge, who was engaged in October to her partner, Angelica Niblock. "We have been waiting for this decision."

The event will hopefully be a way to provide community support for the LGBT population, which has few options in Nevada County, Hodge said.

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"If you're just a regular part of the community who wants to celebrate an LGBT victory, there's a lot of alienation and very little opportunity to do so, so I hope tonight's event goes well and community support becomes prevalent as time goes on."

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