Larger-than-life canine loses limb to cancer |
Dave Moller
Senior Staff Writer

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Larger-than-life canine loses limb to cancer

Gibson, The World’s Tallest Dog from Nevada County, has lost his right front leg to cancer.

The world famous pooch was recently diagnosed with a bone tumor in his paw, and his leg was surgically removed to prevent it from spreading, according to press agents.

“I just got Gibson home from the hospital,” said owner Sandy Hall from her Grass Valley area home Thursday. “I’m nursing him on the front couch.”

Calls were coming in from media outlets and friends from around the world, Hall said.

“We have never felt so embraced by the community, it’s overwhelming right now,” she said, referring The Union to her press agents’ Web site for further information.

The agents said in a press release that dogs normally recover from the surgery Gibson had, and he will continue to be a certified therapy animal for cancer patients, amputees and veterans. The dog has a 95 percent better chance for survival with the surgery and

he will undergo follow-up chemotherapy, the agents said.

The surgery has not affected the Dane’s height and he continues to be the tallest dog in the world at 42.2 inches, according to the agents and Guinness World Records.

“Gibson is a loving, gentle dog who provides joy to those who meet him,” Hall said in the release. “The loss of his leg will not slow him down. His ability to uphold his world title will continue to put smiles on people’s faces and uplift the spirit of those who are survivors of bone cancer.”

The spotted canine behemoth has appeared on national TV on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and most recently on the Animal Planet channel.

For full information on Gibson’s condition, Hall urged readers to her press agent’s Web site at There are also directions there to donate to Gibson’s medical expenses fund.

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