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Know Your Nonprofit: Sierra Nevada Childrens Services

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What is your mission statement?

Enriching the community by supporting quality child care and empowering families to aspire to lifelong success.

What is your yearly budget and how many paid employees do you have?

$2.9 million budget, 13 employees.

What is your nonprofit's history?

Established in 1978 and in continual operation ever since. Expanded to a budget of $5.5 millions, with a large variety of programs,. However, with diminished funding, we reduced our program to support child care as our primary goal.

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Who is your primary audience?

Families with children under 13.

Clients served:

We provide resources and referrals to all those in need of child care, regardless of income, and financial support for child care for those who qualify, based on income.

List the biggest achievements in your nonprofit¹s history.

Establishment of a dental clinic that provided free dental service to children.

List the biggest challenges you face.

Insufficient funding; lack of recognizing the importance of child care in our world; insufficient number of supporters.

What is your No. 1 short-term goal for the next year?

To develop and administer a successful marketing plan.

What is your No. 1 long-term goal for the next three years?

To remain financially sustainable.

What are your major fundraisers and dates?

We traditionally have done very little fundraising.

What is the best way a person interested in your organization could help?

By learning more of the benefits of quality child care and becoming an advocate and supporting it.


Primarily public funds

How has your organization has benefitted the community?

By assisting families with child care support, we have lifted many families out of the poverty level and allowed them to re-enter the main stream of society.

We have allowed parents to continue gainful employment and also to pursue higher educational goals, thereby achieving success in life.

Organization Name: Sierra Nevada Children’s Services

Contact Email:


Purpose: Advocate for and support quality child care

(530) 993-1288

Web Page:

Facebook: Yes

Twitter: Yes

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