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Haas endorsed by 2 members of Nevada County board of education

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Nevada County board of education members Marianne Slade Troutman and John Meeks have publicly endorsed KNCO reporter Paul Haas in the county's superintendent of schools race over incumbent Holly Hermansen, according to a press release submitted to The Union Saturday.

Slade-Troutman has been on the county board of education for more than 35 years and said she's encouraged by Haas' experience as a classroom teacher, principal and director for the Butte County school district.

"I have been frustrated with the current superintendent for some time. The board's first duty is to oversee the superintendent's budget," Slade-Troutman said.

"She refuses to give us her county credit card expenditures. Additionally, she uses tax-payer dollars for her Rotary club dues and does not seem to understand the financial priorities of the parents or the students."

Slade-Troutman added, "(Haas) puts students first. Haas has wonderful ideas to improve school climate and wants to implement programs working closely with the districts to keep students invested in their education — things like wood shop, auto shop and welding classes, practical skills desperately needed in these economic times. … "

The press release states that Meeks has been on the board of education for more than 15 years and is a longtime supporter of youth in agriculture, and that he and Slade-Troutman believe Haas will reinstate much-needed programs, increase test scores, improve county enrollment and put students before buildings and programs before administrative overhead.

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