Grocery store worker attacked during shoplifting incident |

Grocery store worker attacked during shoplifting incident

Matthew Renda
Staff Writer

A manager at a grocery store on Sutton Way was reportedly attacked as he was attempting to detain a shoplifter.

The manager, who would only identify himself as "Zack," said he and his associates saw a male in his early 20s attempting to steal a pair of pants from the store. When confronted, the male reportedly asserted the pants were his own and refused to produce a receipt when asked.

The manager attempted to detain the young male as the two made their way out of the front door.

Suddenly, another male in his early 20s allegedly ambushed the manager from behind, allowing his co-conspirator to escape. The two men reportedly took off running across the parking lot and disappeared into a nearby neighborhood. The manager said he let the perpetrator go after the other individual ambushed him, saying he didn't want to escalate the situation.

Grass Valley resident Gil Romero said he saw the entire incident unfold.

"(The manager) was struggling with the one guy and this taller gentlemen just came in and pushed him," Romero said. "I tried to help but (the taller guy) just turned on me and swung."

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Grass Valley Police responded to the incident but did not have further information available as of press time.

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