Grass Valley’s new finance director settling in |

Grass Valley’s new finance director settling in

Dave Brooksher
Staff Writer

Mette Richardson is the new finance director for the city of Grass Valley

Mette Richardson started as the new finance director for the city of Grass Valley on April 2 after spending more than a decade in the San Luis Obispo area, where she worked for local government at the city and county level.

After 15 years as a taxation specialist in the private sector, she took an accounting position with San Luis Obispo County. A few years back, she was hired as finance director by the city of San Luis Obispo.

"I've been in finance for pretty much my whole career," Richardson said.

Now that she's had a chance to settle in, Richardson says the biggest challenge she's facing in her new position is Grass Valley's city budget.

"The budget is due in the next month, so I've got to quickly get up to speed in basically everything," she said.

In recent weeks she's been meeting with department heads from public works and community development, as well as fire and law enforcement.

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"Each city is so different," Richardson said. "I feel like I have a good understanding of city government, but not yet of Grass Valley. So that's what I'm trying to develop, very quickly."

Richardson has found an apartment outside of town. She's renting, for now, until she can find more permanent accommodations in the local real estate market.

"I've been all over California," Richardson said. "When I went to the Central Coast, I wanted to get away from the bigger cities."

After spending time in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, she prefers to live and work in smaller towns.

"I like the cities where I can know my neighbors and get a feel for the community," Richardson said.

When asked to describe her favorite thing about Grass Valley, she had a difficult time choosing just one thing. She mentioned the scenery and the small-town feel, but most of all, it was her job.

"Everybody I work with is great," Richardson said. "I love the job, and everyone has been so welcoming."

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