Grass Valley woman stuck in Hawaii after spinal injury |

Grass Valley woman stuck in Hawaii after spinal injury

A 28-year-old Grass Valley woman sustained multiple injuries, including damage to her spinal cord, when she fell from the balcony of a rental condominium on the island of Kauai, where she had been on vacation with her fiance and friends.

On May 29, Sarah Grow was airlifted to The Queen's Medical Center on the island of Oahu, where she received initial surgery to stabilize her spine, but that surgery was unsuccessful in improving Grow's condition, according to Marianna Brewer, a friend who had been in Kauai with Grow when the accident occurred.

Grow currently cannot move or feel anything below her waist, Brewer said.

Doctors at The Queen's Medical Center have recommended a second, more intensive surgery, which will hopefully allow Grow to walk again if it is successful.

According to Brewer, surgeons at The Queen's Medical Center could perform that surgery, but they've recommended that Grow undergo the procedure at the UC Davis Medical Center, where doctors would be better equipped to perform the surgery.

Grow's insurance, however, won't pay for emergency air transportation to California because the surgery could be performed at the hospital on Oahu, said Brewer. Brewer is now raising money through a "GoFundMe" page to help pay for the cost of an emergency medical flight to California for Grow, which Brewer said would cost just over $50,000.

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"If we can't get her to California, she could be stuck in Hawaii for an indefinite amount of time," said Brewer. "She'd have to be ready to fly on a commercial flight, and we don't know how long that could take."

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