Ghidotti graduates students with high school diplomas, associate degrees |

Ghidotti graduates students with high school diplomas, associate degrees

The Union staff

The graduating class of Ghidotti Early College High School was presented with their diplomas Wednesday evening at Sierra College's Nevada County campus.

Forty three students earned high school diplomas, with 34 of those earning associate degrees from Sierra College. Eight students received two associates of arts, while another student earned three associate degrees. In total, Ghidotti honored 24 valedictorians and one salutatorian.

Quianna Arnberg, the 2017 class president, shared her speech with The Union prior to the commencement ceremony. See this story at to read the entire speech.

"Good evening fellow Friends, Families, Faculty and Classmates. Tonight we gather in celebration of the hard work us seniors have put into the past four years of our lives. This journey began in 2013 when we were small freshman full of happiness and hope with little knowledge of each other and what the future held for us. Over the course of these past four years we have grown and developed into strong individuals and most importantly a family. Some we have lost along the way, some we have gained and welcomed with open arms, but many of us have been here from day one. It is safe to say we are no longer strangers to each other for we have all experienced this journey in a similar way, learning a few things along the road.

"One of the first things we learned our freshman year is how to stay up for several all nighters and go to school the next day more pumped up and energetic than before. These several sleep deprived nights brought many genius ideas along with them. Several of these ideas involved food as a way of coping together. We started a tradition as a class where after finals we would all pitch in our time and resources to make pancakes in celebration of finals week and to spite the class ahead of us who made waffles and refused to share. This tradition has continued to grow every year and it is something I will truly miss experiencing with all of you. Another genius idea that sprouted from the minds of our classmates is Fry Friday! This is a tradition that began when a group of intelligent teenage boys found a way to get a hundred teenagers often within 10 minutes to pitch in approximately $300 solely for purchasing McDonald's French Fries. They began this extraordinary event by walking down to McDonalds from Sierra College with a wagon to hold all of the French Fries. It was certainly a sight to see, but as we have grown up from Freshmen so have their methods of transportation, dedication and energy. This unique event has evolved from a sneaky way of playing monopoly at McDonald's to a chance for an entire school to bond over eating French Fries. I promise that classes after us will thank you for this tradition, and that our class will certainly miss it.

"Another thing we have learned as a group is survival. When times get intense and all 43 of us are stressed out we result to panic and complaining. We have never been a group to complain to our teachers about the difficulty of an assignment, but we all have complained to one another. We all have each other's backs and are willing to go out of our way to comfort and help each other. We have learned that in order to survive you must wish hard enough for our English final to be cancelled and Mrs. Mason will break the printer. With survival comes the skills of making it through Mr. Kirwan's Biology class, and knowing our way around the scary Sierra College professors. You must also know that if you are ever feeling overwhelmed you have to ask Mr. Bishop about one of his fishing stories or where he sells his beer and we will no longer have a productive class period that day.

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One of the most important skills we have developed is the ability to transition. Our class has been the guinea pigs of education since day one. We were the first group of high school students to be fully immersed in common core standards after years of learning a different way. With these standards came an entirely new form of state testing and college readiness. We were the first class to take the brand new and standardized SAT. After constantly hearing all of our teachers tell us what we needed to do and how things needed to be done we had no problem adapting every single time they threw a curveball at us, which happens often. Aside from common core we have had several different transitions. Our geometry teacher chose to become our principal after we abruptly lost Mrs. Madigan. We have gained two new teachers whom our class aided with their transition into Ghidotti. Such as Mrs. Mijares banning memes after she didn't understand our class's sense of humor. We have been given the great resources of Chromebooks, but also had to learn through trial and error that they have many flaws such as blocking entire Sierra College courses. Because of these many many experiments we have been put through over these past four years we have mastered the skill of transition. I have nothing but hope for our class branching out into the world. I can say with confidence that our transition into college and into our lives after high school will be done with a little panic and complaining, but without worry of failure. We are successful today, and this trend will continue on for our journey outside of high school.

"Congratulations, Ghidotti Class of 2017."

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