Four days of wet weather forecast for Nevada County |

Four days of wet weather forecast for Nevada County

Sunday's Mardi Gras parade in Nevada City may be a little damp.

But the real rain will click in for four days before the parade, starting by late Wednesday.

"The first storm from Wednesday through Thursday will drop anywhere from 1 to one-and-half inches," said Stefanie Henry, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sacramento.

"The second storm from Friday through Saturday will bring about another inch," she said.

Henry said the brunt of the second storm should move through before Sunday, with only lingering showers expected Sunday morning.

That should be good news for the parade, which kicks off at 2 p.m.

"We're on, rain or shine," said Nevada County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cathy Whittlesey. "We only had to cancel the parade once (about 10 years ago), and that was because we had so much snow and ice that people who were setting up the masquerade ball (Saturday night) were skidding off the road."

Henry added that temperatures will be averaging in the mid-50s, or about 10 degrees colder, starting Wednesday and through the weekend.

Current temps forecast for Tuesday are in the mid-60s, with a high of 67 degrees expected in Grass Valley on Tuesday, Henry said.

The first storm on Wednesday is expected by the afternoon — although there could be some showers earlier in the morning. Thursday should be rainy all day, with thunderstorms expected as well.

"Anyone who is traveling over the mountain passes, there should be heavy snow above about 6,000 feet," Henry added.

"With the storm on Friday and Saturday, the snow level will drop to between 4,000 and 5,000 feet."

Looking ahead, Henry said the weather forecasting models are predicting on and off rain for a while.

The two storms this week "will do a little bit to help the drought but they definitely won't cure it," she said.

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