Fire Safe highlights wildfire awareness week |

Fire Safe highlights wildfire awareness week

The Union staff

With fire season upon us, California declared May 5-11 to be "Wildfire Awareness Week." During the week, Cal Fire urges homeowners to take the necessary steps to prepare their family and their homes from potential wildfires.

Wildfire Awareness Week is designed to not only remind Californians of the dangers that wildfires pose but also to educate them on how to prepare. This year's theme is "Ready, Set, Go!" Being "ready" for a wildfire starts by creating 100 feet of Defensible Space and hardening your home with fire-resistant building materials and being prepared. "Set" is getting set as the fire approaches. "Go" is leaving early to avoid being caught in the fire, smoke or road congestion.

The Fire Alliance's "Take Responsibility" campaign has been helping educate community members and homeowners through its website, social media platforms and informational handouts about creating defensible space.

This year for Wildfire Awareness Week, it is releasing a short "How To" video about creating 100 feet of defensible space around your home. It is a simple, multi-step process that will give everyone the knowledge needed to help safeguard their home. The video stars local Fire Safe Council Executive Director Joanne Drummond, and Debra Hein, from the Bureau of Land Management. Visit

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