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Facebook caption contest: ‘Let’s just roshambo for it’

The Union staff

We asked readers to write their own caption for this photo from Wednesday night's presidential debate. Here are the top responses:

10. Carolyn Crane — "OK, remember Mitt, I get the next one."

9. Janis Siewert Anderson — "I think they bought our BS; let's go have a drink!"

8. David Sindorf — "Can you believe these peasants? Hahahaha"

7. Kelli Phenix — Mitt: "Next time you need to keep your talking points up your sleeve … literally."

6. Wolfgang Perner — Romney: "Higher taxes or no deductions … you gotta love 'em for fighting over it, hahaha." Obama:"We did great, they're still divided pretty even, let's go eat."

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5. Chelsea Conley — Mitt: "Can you believe they actually think we can do everything we promise?" Obama: "Yeah, I mean, they should get it by now, judging by my last four years in office!"

4. Sherry Balow — Mitt: "That 47% in your corner, do you really think you improved it to 51%?" Obama: "After next debate, make it an even 60%."

3. Laura Miller — "Did you like the one where I said I'll create 12 million jobs?"

2. Brian Johnson — Obama: "Chris Matthews of MSNBC must be having kittens after my performance tonight."

1. Bridget Priest — "Let's just roshambo for it."

Congratulations Bridget Priest, you've won a free large pizza from Miner Moe's Pizza in Nevada City. Contact Community Reporter Cory Fisher at cfisher@theunion.com or 477-4203 to claim your prize.

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