Eric Rood Administrative Center to hold active shooter drill on Thursday |

Eric Rood Administrative Center to hold active shooter drill on Thursday

An active shooter drill this Thursday will halt county services at the Eric Rood Administrative Center for about two hours.

The exercise, part of Nevada County's emergency action plan, will involve hundreds of county employees and require the 950 Maidu Ave. center to close from around 9:30 a.m. to noon.

The driveway leading into the center will close at Helling Way, as will the entrance on Cement Hill Road. The center's front exit driveway will remain open, said Mary Jo Castruccio, the county's risk manager.

"We're trying to notify people — there will be an interruption in services," Castruccio said.

Motorists will be able to access the parking lot of the library, which opens at 11 a.m.

Officials are keeping details of the exercise secret, making the drill more effective.

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Castruccio said the training will focus on sheriff's deputies, who must find the "shooter." Employees will follow protocols dictated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency: run, hide, fight.

"We want to make it effective," she added.

A county employee will stay with visitors in the administrative center who choose to remain for the drill, said John Gulserian, the county's program manager of the Office of Emergency Services.

County employees have performed training in advance of Thursday's drill, learning how to act when law enforcement enters the building and how to leave the center.

"We've been doing a lot prior to this exercise to train up to it," Gulserian said.

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