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Districts to collect more input before consolidation decision

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During Wednesday's consolidation meeting with Grass Valley and Nevada City school districts, the decision was made to collect further information rather than develop a petition to formalize a move forward in the consolidation process.

"We quite literally have thousands of people impacted by this, and we don't have a clear impact of this decision," said John Pallett, board member of Nevada City, who advocated for the development of a communication plan.

"My framing of this was really to try to provide clear, distilled information to people to avoid angst with the staff or community so anybody going to the polls on Election Day would have a clear understanding."

After trying to decipher the state's financial proposal and the potential impact on the revenue from both districts, it was found that there were too many unknowns at present to determine how much revenue the schools could experience by consolidating.

"The governor made a proposal to the legislature," said Holly Hermansen, Nevada County superintendent. "The money still depends on increased continued revenues in the state and legislative agreement, and we don't know how that is going to battle out. There are lots of unknowns."

The boards expressed they would like to gain input and questions from parents and teachers in the form of parent associations collecting input and relaying the information back to school superintendents and bringing this information to the boards, as well as parents offering their questions and input to their school board members.

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Information can be found at the Grass Valley School District website and the Nevada City School District website.

The next board meeting will take place 6 p.m. March 5 with the location to still be determined.

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