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District Attorney honors Lake Wildwood resident

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The Nevada City Elks Lodge hosted its annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner April 18.

Nevada County District Attorney Cliff Newell was among the law enforcement officials present. He presented an award on behalf of the Nevada County DA's Office to Jeff Love of Lake Wildwood to honor him as the 2012 Citizen of the Year.

Love testified in People v. Colondres, an attempted murder jury trial in March.

"Love's testimony was critical in securing guilty verdicts against defendant Daniel Colondres, who attacked Love's neighbors with a knife while they were sleeping," Newell said.

Love had his daughter Chelsey call 911, while he ran to his neighbor's house when he heard screaming on the night of the incident.

He was able to thwart the knife attack by striking the defendant with a golf club.

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Both victims testified in the trial that they would have died that night without Love's intervention. Newell commended Love's actions, saying, "He could have ignored the screams, let someone else call 911 or just waited for the sheriffs to arrive. Instead, Jeff Love acted. Citizens like Jeff Love make us all proud to live in Nevada County."

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