Couple arrested for allegedly stealing gas |

Couple arrested for allegedly stealing gas

by liz kellar
Staff Writer

A couple were arrested by a Nevada County Sheriff's deputy after allegedly being caught in the act of siphoning gasoline from a vehicle on Rough and Ready Highway.

The deputy pulled over on the highway near West Drive at about 2:45 a.m. Friday after seeing a woman standing on the side of the road by a vehicle who then tried to hide behind a tree, said Sheriff Keith Royal.

The woman, identified as Haley Darlene Medlin, 18, of Grass Valley, allegedly told the deputy she hid because she was afraid and didn't know who was pulling up behind her.

Medlin told the deputy she had run out of gas, Royal said. A female passenger who was not identified said the same thing, he added.

According to Royal, the deputy noticed a strong odor of gas and saw a gas can under the vehicle's gas tank; a second gas can and a funnel also were located. Medlin allegedly then said she had walked to her parents' house and siphoned gas from their vehicle.

A man allegedly approached the deputy, saying the neighbors had called him because his vehicle was being towed.

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The man initially identified himself as Jose Castillo but was subsequently positively identified as Jose Edoardo Henriquez, 24, of Sacramento.

Henriquez allegedly told the deputy he provided a false name because he had a warrant.

He was arrested on suspicion of petty theft, tampering with a vehicle, criminal conspiracy and delaying a peace officer, as well as the outstanding warrant. He was booked into county jail and released on $17,580 bail.

Medlin was arrested on suspicion of petty theft and criminal conspiracy, booked and released on $10,750 bail.

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