County announces new transitional housing program |

County announces new transitional housing program

The Union staff

In the county memo issued by Nevada County CEO Rick Haffey, it was announced Friday that the California Affordable Housing Agency is partnering with Cascadia Equity Leasing LLC, a private financial services company, to offer 50 homes with a lease and purchase option in Nevada, Sutter and Colusa counties.

The homes will be acquired for the program through an agency-sponsored municipal bond issuance.

Cascadia and the Regional Housing Authority of Sutter and Nevada Counties, in cooperation with CalAHA, will locate the properties in Nevada, Sutter and Colusa counties and purchase the homes with the proceeds of the bond issue. The program is working with several major financial institutions, including Wells Fargo, to provide inventory from REO portfolios.

Cascadia will market the program to area homeowners largely through the website and underwrite the ability to qualify. Since the home acquisition criteria include affordability and there is no up-front purchase down payment, the program broadly targets workforce families.

With future homeowners in place, Cascadia and RHA will jointly manage the lease and property until it is purchased by the lessee or is re-leased. This residential leasing program is based upon the market-proven automobile leasing model and is designed to help facilitate the transition to homeownership.

"The ability of many families in our area to get into a home has been severely constrained by the economy and by more stringent mortgage qualification standards," said Linda Nichols, the executive director of the Regional Housing Authority of Sutter and Nevada counties.

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"We believe this program gives more people a better chance at achieving homeownership, and that's at the core of our mission." ​

— Waste Management, the county's provider for solid waste and recycling services, is starting a public outreach campaign targeted to self-haul customers at the McCourtney Road Transfer Station. The campaign is to encourage self-haul customers to utilize Waste Management's curbside service.

There are now approximately 100,000 self-haul vehicles utilizing the facility annually. With the implementation of the automated multi-cart system in July 2012, Waste Management reports that more than 1,500 new customers have signed up for residential curbside collection service.

They believe a further targeted marketing approach will attract more residents to take advantage of curbside service, thereby reducing the number of vehicles going to the Transfer Station. To that end, Waste Management will begin handing out flyers in the coming week at the McCourtney Road Transfer Station to every self-haul vehicle that comes to the facility.

The flyer describes the base service available and the savings in time and gas to be had by subscribing to curbside service. Additionally, they are offering incentives to any new customers who sign up for service.

— The Environmental Health Department Food Program recently passed a Food and Drug Administration audit for Community Education and Outreach. The audit, to be published in the National Registry, verified Nevada County's commitment to food safety by evaluating community outreach and education programs.

A highlight of the program is its locally taught food safety manager class and exam. Nevada County has been helping food facility operators in the community promote food safety by teaching this class locally since 2009 to about 250 students.

The department taught its first food safety managers class of the year March 14 in Nevada City. This group of students scored the highest average (94 percent) of any class in the last four years.

The schedule for the remaining 2013 food manager safety classes is Truckee May 10 and Nevada City June 6, Aug. 22 and Oct. 24.

Registration forms for each class can be found at

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