Coaching and consulting network to assist nonprofits |

Coaching and consulting network to assist nonprofits

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The Center for Nonprofit Leadership has established a Coaching and Consulting Network, giving nonprofits one-on-one professional development services for building the best possible organizations.

The newly created network allows the center to provide numerous services directly to board members, executive directors, staff and volunteers within individual organizations.

"We want to provide another affordable option for nonprofits to address their challenges and improve operations," said Network Coordinator Gary Quehl, a co-founder of CNL and former board member. "The network is all about developing better nonprofits, which benefits everyone in the community."

The center has 18 professionals available to provide coaching and consulting services, from helping with board and organization development to helping with finance and human resources.

"Sometimes even the best-run organizations have an area where they can improve, and that's the goal behind the Coaching and Consulting Network," said Chairman Bill Neff. "We have put together an excellent group of professionals who can be an invaluable tool for the community's nonprofits."

The network's consultants will provide expertise in helping to solve problems, create action plans and achieve specific goals. Coaches will help members develop their own self-discovery in achieving long-term organizational goals.

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"Some organizations will be better served by a consultant, others with a coach," said Quehl. "And some nonprofits could benefit from both, especially if they have specific challenges."

The center has established modest fees for the Coaching and Consulting Network — enough money to attract qualified professionals to provide the services without creating a financial hardship for nonprofits. CNL member nonprofits will pay coaches and consultants $75 per hour; nonmember organizations will pay $125 per hour, and a percentage of all fees will be donated to fund the center's operating expenses, including the network. Coaches and consultants are independent contractors and can accept — or reject — an assignment with an organization.

Nonprofits seeking coaching or consulting services or more information about the network should contact Quehl at 530-575-4262, and visit

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