Child molester gets 9 years behind bars |

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Child molester gets 9 years behind bars

With tears in their eyes and quaking voices, three parents of four different molested boys told a Nevada County judge Friday how James Wayne Richardson had stolen their sons’ innocence.

“What he took from him is only something to be taken by God,” one parent said of Richardson. The parent said it was revolting to think that his son’s first sexual experience was with “a 50-year-old pervert,” and asked Nevada County Judge Robert Tamietti to take it into account in his sentencing.

The child molester had already pleaded guilty to three counts of performing a lewd act with a minor in mid-March in return for seven other sex charges being dropped.

The crimes occurred in Nevada and Sacramento counties between April 2006 and January 2007.

Sticking with a stipulated agreement from the attorneys, Judge Tamietti sentenced Richardson, now 51, to nine years in prison, fined him more than $23,000 and ordered him to register as a sex offender when he gets out.

“It’s not over when his sentence is over,” Tamietti told the families of the four victims. He also ordered Deputy District Attorney David Walters to draw up a special order to have Richardson not contact the victims for five years.

“My heart breaks for the families and the children, but I don’t have any magic words to make it go away,” Tamietti said. “There are days when this job is heartbreaking and this is one of those days; it’s horrible, and there’s nothing I can do to change the result.”

Parents for five of the six victims supported the plea agreement, Walters said. “I’m satisfied and I believe the families feel satisfied,” he said.

The mother of one victim thanked the courts and the attorneys involved for not forcing the youngsters to testify at a trial and cause further injury.

“All of our lives have been affected,” she said.

Another father said although the molester’s punishment may seem fair, Richardson had essentially sentenced his son to a future filled with trepidation.

The youth has “nightmares and withdrawn behavior,” because of the molestations, his father said. “He’ll be scarred for life.”

The first father said Richardson was an old family friend who had called to say he was down and out and needed a place to stay.

“I figured I should help him, so I put him in a guest unit on my property,” the father said. “We clothed and fed him and he said grace with us at the dinner table.

“We never had a reason to not trust him,” the father said. “The friendliness to my child was motivated by a sexual need.”

Public Defender Donald Lown said Richardson would probably go to the Vacaville medical facility of the state’s prison system first because he has a heart problem.

Richardson did not defend himself at the sentencing and left the courtroom with the aid of a walker.