Chicago Park student has the “write” stuff |

Chicago Park student has the “write” stuff

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Pictured are Alliah Cope, a Chicago Park fourth-grader and her teacher Jenny Woodbridge. Cope was named a state grade-level winner for the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest and is eligible to compete for the Grand National Grade-Level Champion title.

In a time where the keyboard is king, there are still those out there who recognize the art of beautiful penmanship.

Alliah Cope, a Chicago Park fourth-grader, was recognized as state grade-level winner for this year's Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest, which is open to students in first through fifth grades.

"It's very cool that we have kids here who have incredible penmanship," said Dan Zeisler, Chicago Park superintendent. "It's an art form and some students take great pride in being meticulous with their handwriting,"

The winning student received an engraved Zaner-Bloser state winner medallion, the school a $200 Zaner-Bloser coupon and the teacher an engraved Glass Diamond Award.

According to a letter by Zaner-Bloser, a leading handwriting textbook company, there were more than 285,000 entries for the contest and Cope is eligible to compete in the Grand National Grade-Level Champion title.

To enter the contest, Zaner-Bloser distributes a prompt each participant copies and sends in, Zeisler said.

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"They have a prompt they copy so they are all writing the same thing," he said.

Chicago Park hosts its own handwriting contest from first through fifth grade and the winner from each level entered the contest, Zeisler said, adding that handwriting is an opportunity for students to express themselves.

"Handwriting experts can analyze a person's writing," he said. "You can tell a lot about a person from their writing and it's like an extension of a child's personality."

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