Cheadle to challenge LaMalfa for congressional seat |

Cheadle to challenge LaMalfa for congressional seat

The Union staff

Gregory Cheadle, a Republican from Redding, has announced his candidacy for the District 1 U.S. Congress seat.

Cheadle's 2014 campaign will seek to unseat fellow Republican Doug LaMalfa, R-Richvale, who took office in January after representing the north state, including western Nevada County, as a California State Senator. Cheadle joins Heidi Hall, a Grass Valley Democrat who announced her intention to run in November, as contenders for LaMalfa's congressional seat.

Cheadle is one of five Republicans who competed for seat of the retiring Wally Herger in the June 2012 primary. He finished last among a total of eight candidates with 2.8 percent of the vote, while LaMalfa (37.9 percent) and Democrat Jim Reed (27.8 percent) advanced in the top-two primary system to the general election in November; LaMalfa garnered 57.4 percent of the vote to defeat Reed (42.6 percent) to win the congressional seat.

In announcing his candidacy, Cheadle criticized the White House on its arguing the legal justification for killing, by drone strikes and other means, American citizens abroad who are considered terrorists.

“The 1st District is in need of a congressman who will not be a rubber stamp for the agenda of the old guard Republicans.”

— Gregory CHEADLE,
in a statement

"I cannot and will not sit idly at this pivotal moment in our nation's history," Cheadle said in a prepared statement. "For instance, when the President of the United States has the temerity to think that he can take upon himself the power and authority to kill U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, and Congress does nothing, something is woefully wrong."

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Cheadle was one of two conservative candidates who, after the primary election, endorsed Reed in his bid for Congress, while criticizing LaMalfa. Cheadle and Gary Oxley, who ran as an independent but expressed conservative positions, both said Reed, a tax attorney and ranch owner from Fall River Mills in Shasta County, would have been a better representative of ordinary Americans than LaMalfa.

Cheadle's criticism of LaMalfa continued with the announcement of his 2014 candidacy.

"The 1st District is in need of a congressman who will not be a rubber stamp for the agenda of the old guard Republicans," Cheadle said in his statement.

"The silence of the 'Good ol' boys' is responsible for the mess we are in now … $16.6 trillion national debt, $4 per gallon gas, millions of food stamps, billions paid out in farm subsidies, funding of Obamacare, the stockpiling of assault weapons and over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition by DHS (Department of Homeland Security), etc.

"We need a representative who is unafraid to challenge the power grab of the executive branch."

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