Butch will need at least 9.2 on his last dive to win the gold | TheUnion.com

Butch will need at least 9.2 on his last dive to win the gold

The Union staff

We asked our Facebook friends to write their caption for this photo of "Harley" on his McCourtney Road porch, submitted by Debbi Marshall. First prizes is a free large pizza from Miner Moe's Pizza in Nevada City. Here are some of the top offerings:

10. Amber Miller — "I have to swim through that just to get the paper??"

9. Patrick Martin — To pee or not to pee … That is the question.

8. Damian Bautista — Nah, I'll go on the carpet.

7. Cecilia Shampay — "I wish I knew how to doggie paddle!"

6. Laura Miller — Hey, who super-sized my water bowl?

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5. Rita Dian — I wonder if we've got Bone Owner's insurance.

4. Jeannette Mullenax — I can't believe they canoed to CVS without me.

3. Samantha-William Dellinger — I just had a slice of Miner Moe's pizza and now I have to wait for an hour before I go for a swim.

2. James Diaz — Instead of running with the big dogs, sometimes it's best to stay on the porch.

1. Chris T Owen — Butch will need at least a 9.2 on his last dive to win the GOLD.

Congrats Chris! Contact Community Reporter Cory Fisher at cfisher@theunion.com or 477-4203 within one week to collect your prize.

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