Bear River’s student paper earns first place |

Bear River’s student paper earns first place

Submitted to The Union

The Bear River High School student newspaper, The Current, was awarded a first-place rating from the American Scholastic Press Association.

The judging, which included evaluations of two different editions of the paper focused on design, story layout, graphics, headlining, cover design, advertising placement and photography.

Seniors Shelby Angus, Bailey Bernier and Taylor Sinclair serve as editors-in-chief for the publication.

All three students are also student columnists for The Union.

"An award like this means all our hard work paid off, and that a small school can accomplish big things," said Bernier, who has been on The Current staff for three years.

"This is a great way to end my high school journalism career."

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Angus, who spent all four years on The Current staff agreed.

"It's awesome to see all our hard work get recognized in such a huge way. I'm glad we could accomplish something like this our senior year," she said.

Sinclair, the rookie of the group, has been on staff for just two years.

"It's been a huge honor to be a part of such a great program," said Sinclair.

Megan Ross has been The Current adviser for two years and said it was a great achievement for the journalism program.

"I am so proud of this staff. It will be fun to hang another certificate on our wall," Ross said.

This marks the second time in two years that the paper has been honored.

Last year, The Current earned a second place rating from the ASPA.

The Current publishes six editions throughout the school year.

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