ASA-Nevada County to discuss cannabis cultivation ordinance |

ASA-Nevada County to discuss cannabis cultivation ordinance

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Americans for Safe Access-Nevada County will meet from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday to discuss plans to launch a voter initiative to strike down the county's medical marijuana cultivation ordinance.

The meeting will be at the Nevada County Contractor's Association, 149 Crown Point Court. The meeting is free to members.

To accommodate everyone's schedule, a second monthly meeting has been added on the North San Juan Ridge. These meetings will take place on the last Sunday of the month at the North San Juan Senior Center beginning Jan. 27, from 2-4 p.m.

The agenda for this month's meetings will cover updates on the cannabis cultivation ordinance, progress on mediation talks and the group's plans to launch a voter's initiative should mediation talks fail.

ASA-NC plans a week-long observance of National Medical Marijuana Day that will wrap up on Feb. 15 in honor of Prop 215. The group plans to run ads to raise public awareness about the hardships medical marijuana patients have endured in Nevada County since the ordinance went into effect.

One activity they have planned is a free screening of the provocative documentary, "What If Cannabis Cured Cancer," followed by a Q&A session with a panel of experts.

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"Americans for Safe Access is committed to rescheduling cannabis so meaningful medical research can be done in this country. We believe the cures to many fatal diseases lie in cannabinoid-based medicines," said Patricia Smith, chair of the Nevada County chapter of Americans for Safe Access and the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit to block the county ordinance.

Joe Axtell will present a short seminar on Magnetic Induction Lights. The manufacturer claims this new lighting system has many benefits over high pressure sodium or metal halide lights.

One of the primary benefits is cost efficiency; these lights draw 60 percent less power, and because they eliminate the need for air conditioning to maintain the correct room temperature, the energy savings pay for the setup in a matter of a few months. ASA-NC members will receive a substantial discount on these units.

ASA-NC is launching a new project called the Green Pages, a phone directory of local businesses who maintain that a substantial amount of their annual revenue comes from the medical cannabis industry either directly through sales of soils, amendments, equipment and services, or indirectly through patronage of their restaurants, movie theaters, concerts and retail establishments.

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