Anti-immigration laws just a veil for racism |

Anti-immigration laws just a veil for racism

Ron Lowe
Nevada City

Racist, racist, racist.

Deep South Republicans are at it again.

Robert Bentley, Republican governor of Alabama and former Southern Baptist deacon, signed into law what can only be described as the harshest and most Draconian anti-immigration initiative yet. So much for Christian love!

Whitey, the Ku Klux Klan and the GOP are no longer happy to just discriminate against black-skinned folks but have changed their priorities and are going after brown-skinned Hispanics and Latinos.

Alabama follows Arizona, Georgia, Indiana and Utah’s fixation on anti-immigration.

All the flowery talk about illegal immigrants is a cover to hide the stench of racism and bigotry. Immigration is another hot-button issue the Republicans and Tea Party are using to fire up their bases.

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We are so lucky to live in Nevada County where there is no racism, bigotry and intolerance. Hold the laughter!

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