Animal advocates rally for injured dog Buddy |

Animal advocates rally for injured dog Buddy

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Local animal rights supporters rallied recently to help save a dog that had been attacked by other dogs and hit by a car in Grass Valley.

On Thursday, Coalition of Animal Welfare and Support founder Kathy Monteiro received three frantic messages, telling her about a Jack Russel terrier that had been hit by a car and was lying on the hot asphalt off Old Tunnel Road.

"People were trying to get someone to respond to get the dog some help," Monteiro said.

Eventually, a Grass Valley Animal Control officer responded to the call and took the injured dog to Best Friends veterinary clinic.

"As luck would have it, the dog, named Buddy, was a patient of theirs for many years, so they knew who the owner was," Monteiro said.

An examination of the dog confirmed he had been hit by a car and had a long slice along his neck that nearly decapitated him. Buddy apparently had been also attacked by some dogs and had many puncture wounds and several badly infected teeth.

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Best Friends stabilized Buddy and, along with Animal Control, tried to contact his owner, an elderly disabled woman. Finally, it was learned that Buddy's owner was in the hospital and could not be reached, Monteiro said.

Susan Wallace of Scooter's Pals ended up tracking down the owner at the hospital.

"There, she found a picture of Buddy and a hospital wall calendar that marked the day when the woman could 'go home to Buddy,'" Monteiro said.

Wallace called the vet so Buddy's owner could agree to the dog's treatment, and Scooter's Pals guaranteed the bill; the Animal Control officer also agreed to help with the tab.

"Buddy got the help he needed, but there was another problem," Monteiro said. "Buddy could not stay at the vet, as they had no weekend help. Buddy's owner was just being released from the hospital, so she was in no condition to care for him. A drainage tube from his wounds had to be cleaned out, and he could not be walked for bathroom duty with the large gash in his neck."

CAWS and Scooter's Pals frantically began looking for a foster parent who could take Buddy in for a week or two.

In the end, due to the short notice, Wallace ended up taking Buddy home with her, Monteiro said.

Lori Perry from PAWS of Nevada County brought over a portable cooler. Other volunteers came to help give the patient his medication, which was slyly wrapped in organic chicken.

"Buddy will recuperate until his owner can care for him while surrounded by all sorts of new buddies," Monteiro said. "The animal advocate community comes together, working with each other and with animal control agencies to take care of their pets. Buddy knows that first-hand."

To make a donation, contact CAWS at 530-575-7984 or email

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