Alta Sierra sisters find fame on the Vine |

Alta Sierra sisters find fame on the Vine

Katrina Paz
Special to The Union

The Blancarte girls have always enjoyed a little bit of the spotlight. The three sisters — Chelsea, Camryn and Corinn — have performed in various school productions throughout the years and regularly make music videos to share with friends and family.

But it was a seven-second Vine video that increased their audience significantly last month.

Eldest sister Chelsea was home from college over winter break when she learned of Applebee's #BeeFamous campaign. Fans were asked to record their unbelievable reactions to a 550-calorie menu on Vine using the hashtag #BeeFamous. The best reactions would appear in an Applebee's TV commercial in early February. Vine is a mobile app and social networking program that enables users to create and post seven-second videos.

Chelsea quickly and easily persuaded Camryn, 16, and Corinn, 12, to take part in the social media contest.

"We did it for fun, like joking; we didn't think we'd get picked," Chelsea said.

The trio submitted four videos, primarily featuring Corinn. Camryn filmed and Chelsea took part in the last several seconds of their last video. It was the last few blink-and-you-miss it seconds of Chelsea and Corinn that made it into Applebee's commercial. The two can be seen dancing excitedly across their parents' driveway 16 seconds into the 30-second spot. The commercial features snippets from four different contest winners in all.

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Corinn, who takes part in Magnolia Intermediate School's Starmakers, a show choir, was pretty excited about winning. In addition to performing for Starmakers and her sisters' movies, she also enjoys photography and hopes to explore filmmaking.

Monica Blancarte, the girls' mom, wasn't particularly surprised when the girls' video was selected to air nationally and online.

"They're always doing something like this," she said. "It's fun."

She insists their verve for the limelight doesn't come from her but notes that her husband's side of the family has a bit of entertaining talent in their blood and that their paternal grandfather played in a mariachi band.

Corinn, Camryn and Chelsea are embracing those genes with ambition and passion. Camryn taught herself to play the piano and takes part in Bear River High School's Jazz Unlimited and Starlite Express, as did Chelsea, who graduated in 2012. Now in her second year at California State University, Fullerton, Chelsea is studying radio, TV and film and hopes to be a broadcast journalist, specifically a radio announcer in the vein of Ryan Seacrest.

She's used Vine before but primarily uses Twitter and YouTube to post "dumb videos" she makes with her friends. She recently made a video from some red carpet footage she recorded at the MTV Video Awards, where she met different celebrities. She discovered a website that distributes tickets to red carpet events and concerts and is making the most of her Southern California education by taking in a myriad of show business experiences. She also takes on pragmatic subject matter and is currently working on a virtual tour of her dorm and dorm life for new students.

As for her new notoriety with Applebee's, while happy to win, she initially felt a bit weird.

"My parents thought it was really cool," Chelsea said. "Everyone around me thinks it's a lot cooler than I do."

In fact, the most exciting part for her was the fact that the commercial was narrated by Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live fame. At 19, Chelsea has time to cultivate both her on- and off-camera talents. It wasn't until she was creating a film for her senior project two years ago that she realized she loved the spotlight.

"I always felt awkward on camera, but I'm getting over that," she said. "I really do like being filmed. I love performing. I love the attention. Don't get me wrong, I'm not shy."

As much as Chelsea loves the spotlight, she'd also like to share it with her sisters and give credit where credit is due. She's somewhat disappointed they used the footage with her and Corinn, leaving Camryn out of the spotlight. "We filmed three videos of just her," she said. "I'm sad it's not just her."

The girls have yet to see the commercial on television and note that most people have seen it on Twitter and YouTube.

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