Actons announce second dragon – a third on the way |

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Actons announce second dragon – a third on the way

Arborist Aero Acton sees dragons in his Banner Mountain front yard – two now.

The latest one emerged at the end of October from the stump left when a tree fell during a storm last winter.

Labor took six and a half hours at the hands – and chainsaw and torch – of Foresthill resident and wood carver Jeff Turpin of Owl Creek Lumber Co.

Acton and his wife, Kara Acton, operate Leaf it to Me tree service.

“After having our booth at The Union’s Spring Home and Garden Show for years with Jeff of Owl Creek Lumber, we hoped we would have the chance to use him in our own yard,” wrote Kara Acton. “Who knew the tree would fall last November and open up that opportunity?”

Turpin birthed the dragon on a recent Friday, delivering a head bursting out of the ground. He “used one of the exposed roots to create a wing emerging on one side of the dragon head,” Kara Acton wrote. “The carving turned out better than we ever could have imagined!”

The Actons’ first dragon appeared eight years ago, Kara Acton continued.

“Shortly after moving to our home, we received a tree order containing some twisted, weeping blue Atlas cedar,” she wrote. “After looking at the trees leaning this way and that in our yard, Aero said he saw a dragon topiary in the shape they made and had to plant them out front.

“The dragon took shape as three weeping blue Atlas cedars (for) the body, a smoke tree as the fiery breath and Japanese maples as the wings,” Kara Acton added. “Each year, we light up the dragon from Halloween to New Year’s with colored lights.”

You can see the Actons’ creations at 12553 Mayflower Drive, on the mountain east of Nevada City. And you might want to check back from time to time.

“The yard is still a work in progress, as Aero has now decided that an even number of dragons just will not do,” Kara Acton wrote. “Another dragon, in some capacity, is already in the works.”


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