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7 cops restrain reportedly suicidal man

Seven police officers were required to restrain a reportedly suicidal man hanging from a railing and threatening to dive head-first onto the concrete, who then became physically violent when pulled to safety.

A Grass Valley police officer, pulling into the department's parking lot at about 11:45 p.m. Saturday. had exited his patrol vehicle when he heard a man yelling in the adjoining lot, said Sgt. Clint Bates. The man reportedly was on the outside of a railing that overlooked the police lot 10 to 15 feet below, hanging on with one hand, Bates said.

"He was yelling that he wanted to die and for the cop to shoot him," Bates said. "He was leaning far forward, acting like he was going to dive head-first to the ground."

Additional officers responded and reportedly were able to divert the mans attention, grab him and pull him back over the railing.

"He became resistive, Bates said. "He was kicking and punching and trying to bite officers."

The man, who said he was on meth, eventually required seven officers to hold him down on the ground, Bates said, adding that he was Tased twice with no effect.

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Officers reportedly were able to hobble him, and emergency medical responders put him in a full restraint and sedated him.

He was treated at the scene for abrasions sustained during the altercation, as well as for injuries from head-butting the concrete, Bates said. The man reportedly also had tied shoelaces around his neck.

The man, who was not identified, was taken to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital for an evaluation and then placed on a mental-health hold.

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