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5 questions with … Jacob Warwick

Jacob Warwick, a senior at Nevada Union High School who has an interest in a career behind the camera, has been filming football footage for KCRA Channel 3’s HighSchoolPlaybook.com all season long. Sports Editor Brian Hamilton caught up with Warwick on the sidelines of a Nevada Union game.

How did you get involved in filming football?

“I joined the Nevada Union partnership program, mostly for the telecommunications class, communication arts and the advanced television production. The teacher who teaches the advanced television production, Mr. (Brad) Dal Bon also is an assistant football coach. So, I started going out, in my sophomore year, and shooting film of the games for the players to study and see how they played.”

So how did that evolve into your work for KCRA?

“Del Rogers (of KCRA) asked Mr. Dal Bon if he knew anybody interested … Mr. Dal Bon came up to me and said I was the guy for the job.”

How long have you been interested in film?

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“It’s kind of been a passion of mine since I was little. My dad gave me a camcorder when I was young and I used to make TV shows with my friends and then we’d watch the film.”

What kind of filming do you prefer? Sports or non-sports?

“I’d really just like to be in the media, either filming or editing. I’m not 100 percent decided yet. I may go to Sierra College to get some prerequisites out of the way and then go to the Brooks Institute (in Santa Barbara).”

Do you have a favorite moment from your filming?

“I really like it when some of the players or some kids at school say they saw my stuff on the Web site (www.highschoolplaybook.com). They like seeing the big plays from our games. And it’s real cool that I get to bring it to them.”

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