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Letter writer off the mark on ‘Other Voices’ stance

Paul Laufman made several derogatory comments regarding my “Other Voices” column of March 13.

Unfortunately, he wastes a lot of ink refuting arguments I never presented.

One would have to be a Luddite of epic proportions to deny the contributions of science, and nothing in my column suggested this.

I am heartily grateful to science for the privileged conditions of modern life.

However, with privilege comes responsibility. My thesis (to which Laufman never referred) had nothing to do with science. Its focus, clearly stated in the second paragraph, was that the general public has lapsed into a type of “magical thinking” – i.e. denial – when evaluating (or failing to evaluate) critical issues facing our planet. Such denial, I stated, “… is absolutely lethal when confronting a problem that demands decisive action.”

Several critical problems are presently – and dangerously – upon us, and unless Laufman’s head is buried in the sand, he is surely aware of this fact.

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How more useful it would have been, had he addressed the means by which science might help solve the problems arising from the many forces of modern life (of which science is only one), rather than rave on against an attack that was never made.

William Larsen

Nevada City

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