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Jesse Locks

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Lemonade: Adult Swim, Comedy Central comedians to showcase at this year’s Nevada City Film Festival

A year ago, Doug Lussenhop, an editor for the popular “Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim program, had no idea what he was getting himself into when he agreed to fly up from Los Angeles to lead a workshop on film editing during the annual Nevada City Film Festival. After a weekend packed with watching films, making new friends, and swimming in the Yuba River, Lussenhop vowed to festival directors that he’d come back in a year and bring some of his friends.

Lussenhop AKA DJ Douggpound, didn’t disappoint. He returns to the 9th Annual Nevada City Film Festival to host the first ever Comedy Showcase, Friday, Aug. 21, which features Comedy Central comedians Johnny Pemberton, Duncan Trussell, Eric Andre, and Natasha Leggero from Reno 911 and E!’s Chelsea Lately.

I caught up with Lussenhop last week by phone to get the dirt on what funny business he had planned for this year’s film festival.

We came up at night and were immediately impressed. We went to that old mining foundry (Miners Foundry), and thought what a cool building and interesting people. We were also greeted with free beer so that didn’t hurt.

I had so much fun that I wanted to be a part of it again. We were at one of the parties where the female Led Zeppelin band (Zepperilla) was playing, and I thought, “I do shows too, maybe people would like a comedy show.” Really, I just wanted an excuse to come back, see everyone and go to the river.

They are all friends of mine doing really interesting stuff. They are all making it in their own way. They’re not open mic-ers, these are people on TV who are actually doing comedy for a career.

Natasha’s act is well crafted from having toured all over the country. Duncan does scary stuff with a ventriloquist doll. Johnny is a loose kind of comedian. He’ll figure out the room and work it; he’s totally unexpected. Eric is like the Bad Brains of comedy, because he’s so punk rock about it.

He’s loud and hysterical, but not obnoxious. He definitely gets your attention. I do a DJ act. It’s a musical act where I have jokes that have a punchline, and the musical samples back up the punchline. It’s making fun of the whole DJ aesthetic of remixing and using cheesy samples.

I used to be a DJ and produced electronic music in Chicago. When I moved to LA, I did stand up as a hobby. I wasn’t very good at either DJing or comedy and decided I needed a hook or gimmick. I put the two together, which was a lot more fun.

I went to film school knowing I wanted to work on comedy TV shows. I always thought the stand up comedy thing was lame, then I moved to LA and found an underground alternative comedy world where people were not just standing up doing observational humor, but making it more of a craft and interesting.

Animation, lo-fi and hi-fi aesthetic, can all come together and there are no rules about it now. I like stuff you don’t have to dumb down for people; I like when people are laughing and don’t know why.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in our lives that we forget to laugh.

It’s fun to laugh. I guarantee that people coming to this show will laugh, unless they really do have a stick stuck up their butt.