LaMalfa dismayed by national popular vote bill |

LaMalfa dismayed by national popular vote bill

Office of Sen. Doug LaMalfa
Special to The Union

Richvale, Calif. – Sen. Doug LaMalfa, R-Richvale, said Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to sign AB 459, the National Popular Vote Compact, effectively guts Californians’ ability to hold Washington DC accountable.

“I am disappointed that Gov. Brown would eliminate Californians’ choice in selecting the president of the United States,” said LaMalfa. “With this bill, Californians lose their absolute right to have their votes count in presidential elections, by circumventing the Electoral College and awarding California’s electors to the winner of the national popular vote.

“Now, regardless of whom Californians support for president, our state’s electors will go to whomever this new ‘club’ selects.

“This law eliminates 220 years of American tradition that protects the fabric of our country from fractionalization and mob rule,” LaMalfa said. “Under this plan, large urban population centers will dominate the elections for president. Rural America and rural California will no longer be spoken to in campaigns and will be a reduced factor in national politics.

“Our founding fathers created the Electoral College to balance rural and urban interests,” LaMalfa added. “Yet now, short-minded politicians seek major structural changes to our system of government for temporary political gains.”


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