Keeping the record straight |

Keeping the record straight

Regarding the Independence Trail now under the Bear-Yuba Land Trust: Intentional or not, there was no mention of Linda Chaplin who dedicated two decades of her life to advocating for the trail and is the former director of Sequoya Challenge.

She co-founded the organization with John Olmsted then helped his son’s efforts to keep South Yuba River South Park open. It would have been shockingly classy and professional for someone to mention her name, but truth tends to get subsumed by petty politics here.

Linda was adamantly opposed to brush clearing the trail and land, knowing it could ruin one of the last pristine places left in the county. Instead of grabbing at the money, real fire safety and ecology be damned, she cautioned “think of the trail first.”

Conservation organizations used to be about preserving land’s biodiversity and ecological values. Now when “conservation” organizations acquire lands, they destroy them.

Maybe they can turn it into another Scotch broom “preserve” like on the ridge, an example of “fire safety” funding gone nuts, none of which will save anybody’s home.

Linda predicted they would set their eyes on our precious diamond of the foothills and we all know what happens to prophets.

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