Is it legal to shoot a gun in Nevada County? |

Is it legal to shoot a gun in Nevada County?

Nevada County gun ordinances

Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal said the dispatchers who work in his office often receive phone calls about individuals discharging firearms in proximity to private property.

"What's interesting is most of the folks that make those calls are not from here and are not used to living in a rural area," Royal said.

Nevada County ordinances dictate that residents may discharge firearms on private property, but cannot do so within 50 yards of a dwelling house, residence, building, barn or out building, except for the purposes of legally slaughtering an animal.

Residents may not hunt or leave bullet shells behind on private property that is not their own, the ordinance states.

Other provisions state individuals may not discharge firearms between a half-hour before sunrise and a half-hour after sunset as shooters cannot see where the rounds are going, Royal said.

Nevada County ordinances further allow residents to discharge a firearm in self-defense or defense of private property, Royal said.

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