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Russell Vaughn

Many football fans in our state already know that big cable companies take advantage of consumers and prevent them from watching their favorite football teams.

How do they know this? Because they are being charged extra for the NFL Network or are blocked from watching the channel altogether. Instead of carrying popular channels such as the NFL Network, some cable companies are loading their schedules with cable-owned channels such as Versus and the Golf Network, claiming that the NFL Network is just a niche market. Tell that to the millions of Americans who watched NFL football last season.

The good news is that there is a way to resolve these disputes through arbitration, so fans can see the programs they want. The Fair Access to Networks Act would establish a fast, fair and cheap process, so cable companies doing business in our state can’t discriminate against channels like the NFL Network and hinder consumer access in the process.

I hope my state representatives will stand up for consumers and football fans by supporting this common-sense solution. You can let your elected officials know you support the FAN Act by visiting

Russell Vaughn

Grass Valley

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