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Examine the possibilities

Arnold Adicoff

The Republican party has dealt badly with the American public. The executive branch has egregiously violated our Constitution and made a shambles of our Bill of Rights.

Emperor Bush and King Cheney have deemed themselves above the law and have established a virtual monarchy that a wimpy Congress has done nothing to oppose. There is good and reasonable cause for impeachment of both for illegal and criminal acts.

The Democratic party run by unprincipled political hacks has been no better in terms of serving the public, but rather concerns itself only with the next election and remaining in power with pork-barrel spending.

It is time we stopped voting for the lesser of two evils ( it is becoming harder to distinguish which is the lesser) but look beyond these two well-entrenched parties and see what the independents such as the Libertarians have to offer. Examine their principles and platforms. They would do a much better job in re-establishing our credibility among the nations of the world and in improving the quality of life here at home.

With either of the two major parties remaining in office, we are guaranteed to continue down the road to ethical, moral and fiscal bankruptcy.

Arnold Adicoff

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