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End the Bush tax cuts for the rich

The recent Republican presidential candidate championed putting the elderly at the mercy of private insurance by changing Medicare into a voucher system.

He also wanted to balance a $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy by altering Social Security, and he would do this rather than stop multi-billion dollar subsidies to oil companies.

Moreover, he never rationally explained why taxing the rich to pay our bills might be a better idea than borrowing money from China. Consequently, his ideas were repudiated in the 2012 election.

Republicans champion creating jobs by firing teachers, policeman, fireman and other public employees. They want the voters to believe the wealthy are going to trickle down their bailouts and billion dollar corporate welfare to the middle class.

Now how well has that worked since the Bush tax cuts or since the Tea Party Republicans have controlled the House? And is there any doubt about the disaster our economy faces if it were to go over the fiscal cliff?

Congressional Republicans shouldn't ram through another $80 billion per year extension of the Bush tax cuts for the rich or cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid before the end of the year. Congress can simply pass tax cuts for Americans making less than $250,000 and delay the fiscal cliff through procedural political manipulation.

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In 2013, a new Congress and President Obama, through compromise and diligence, can continue to fix the mess created by neo-conservative laissez-faire economic dogma and we can avoid falling into the abyss.

Worth F. Crouch


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