Don’t deny access to the disabled |

Don’t deny access to the disabled

Shirley Crisci

I’m writing this as a member of the disabled community. I don’t want to be a whiner, but something has been weighing heavily on my mind. I am in a wheelchair, my husband is in a wheelchair, a lot of my friends, family, and loved ones are disabled in one way or another, and the whole issue of access and attitudes upsets me greatly.

I honestly believe that most people do things without thinking of how it affects people with disabilities; they do not mean any harm. However, It hurts when access is denied to any place, even parking places or bathrooms.

Do you realize that accessible parking places are wider for a reason and close to the front of a store for a reason? Do you realize that there are many different disabilities that restrict walking or breathing, etc.? Do you realize that, if remodeling needs to occur, there are possible tax incentives to help?

Assuming that it is all right to deny access not only hurts the feelings of others, but it also hurts business because it restricts the ability for persons with disabilities to shop and spend money.

I want people to understand that there are consequences to their actions, and the Americans with Disabilities Act is not just to make life difficult or inconvenient for anyone.

Shirley Crisci

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