Decision in Trabucco case won’t come soon |

Decision in Trabucco case won’t come soon

Laura Brown
Staff Writer

A final decision in the Garfinkel vs. Nevada County Land Trust civil case won’t be reached anytime soon, said an attorney representing the land trust.

The final public court hearing in the case was held on Thursday but Judge Robert Tamietti won’t make a ruling until this summer or later, said Allan Haley a Nevada City attorney representing the land trust and land owners Bill and Anna Trabucco.

Local real estate agent Ian Garfinkel claims that historic road networks on the Trabucco property give him rightful access to his land locked acreage.

The Trabuccos and the land trust argue no roads exist and to develop any would jeopardize a conservation easement.

The case has become high profile within the local food movement because the Trabuccos lease a portion of their land to Jim Gates who raises cattle for his company Nevada County Free Range Beef.

Next month, Judge Tamietti will venture to both properties to “get the lay of the land,” Haley said.

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The judge will not release a formal statement of decision until a series of post trial briefs are filed in June and July, Haley said.

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