Deal close with Comcast for NCTV local broadcasts |

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Deal close with Comcast for NCTV local broadcasts

A deal with Comcast has been hammered out to fund Nevada County community television network NCTV which could solidify the station for the next 10 years.

County Superintendent of Schools Terry McAteer today said he flew to Portland last week and reached the agreement. It must now be ratified by the Nevada City and Grass Valley city councils, and McAteer said it would be before them in the next few weeks.

The agreement calls for Comcast to give NCTV $50,000 per year for operations. It also has a grant provision where Comcast will give $30,000 to NCTV every two years if the station can raise the same amount.

Those monies coupled with the $50,000 per year brought in by show underwriting will add up to $130,000 annually, enough for NCTV to operate, McAteer said.

The deal should also allow live broadcasts of the Nevada County supervisors and both city councils on a government channel. The agreement calls for two Sierra College channels, where students can take classes over live television, McAteer said.

Lew Sitzer, executive director of NCTV, said he may also be able to have an educational channel with satellite feed shows and local programming. The deal also gives the local access channels to those in Alta Sierra and Lake of the Pines with Seabridge cable service.

“It will give us the stability we need to function over the next 10 years,” Sitzer, said. “We want to become a real resource to the community.